Vaporshift is one of Ransack's loyal officers in the of the Neo Decepticons cause who as well accepted a mission as an Autobot spy under the name of Stratus, later promoted to Strato Prime.

Name: Vaporshift
Rank: Spy/Scientist
Faction: Neo Decepticons/Autobots
Main Light Weapon Orbital Pistol
Main Heavy Weapon Gear Shredder
Main Melee Weapon Crescent Spear
Friends GunslingerHigh-Wing
Enemies GeargrinderHoneflash


Rivals None
Birth 24 U.C.
Death 58 U.C.

Vaporshift's life before his draft into the Neo Cybertron War isn't known by anyone, because he has kept his life a mystery and those that find out his life were all destroyed. In fact, even his Birth is a questioned day though by his age and voice, he was identified to be at least born between 20 and 20 U.C.

Known Life ( 47 U.C.-58 U.C.)