Ultra Magnus


Ultra Magnus serves as the 2nd in command under the leadership of Optimus Prime during the war for Cybertron.

Name: Ultra Magnus
Rank: Destroyer/2nd in Command
Species: Cybertronian
Faction: Autobot


In the War for Cybertron, Ultra Magnus was possessed by Dark Energon, almost collapsing. Optimus and Jazz were successful in knocking some sense back into him.

Role in Transformers: War For Neo Cybertron

Ultra Magnus served as the surpreme ruler of Cybertron, but usually remained in Mission City due to his ability to move beginning to slow him down.

The Meeting of the Council

"These three have bought on an irrelevant threat to the council!"

"This was nothing but a hoax!"

"Impossible, no one would dare make up a problem like this"

"We need to rally the elite Autobots and destroy the canyon!"

"Silence! Allow them to continue"

The Council arguing over the news about the Insecticon Plot

In 35 U.C., Mission City was approached by New Kaon resident Geargrinder, criminals Honeflash, Xax, and Ricochet, and officers Warider and Hotshot with some disturbing new for the council. Ultra Magnus decided to grant all but the criminals access into the Council's Headquarters, leaving Circuit and Corefire to remain and guard the others. Geargrinder presented their findings about an Insecticon plot to bring back the Great War which once destroyed their planet. Ratchet, Sideswipe, and Air Raid were quickly to disagree. Even Air Raid considered to call this a hoax. However, Perceptor, Ironhide, and Wheeljack were the ones to believe them. Ironhide was ready enough to summon the Autobots again to destroy Hydrax Canyon and the Insecticons with it. The arguing continued until Hotshot displayed the Audio Message he recorded while spying on the rally. Both sides immeditately came together that is was no prank, the Insecticons and Decepticons are planning