"You rise with those of good, while i am fueled by the dark" Shade speaking for the first time after defeating Hotshot


Artwork of Shade


Shade is a demi-demon in comparison to his master, Trap Shadow, and the ruler of the shadowland. An invincible opponent to the Neo Autobots



Name: Shade
Rank: Infiltrator/Demi-Demon
Species: Shadowius
Faction: Trap Shadow's Aarmy


Shade lived for years as a Demi-Demon in the Shadoworld under ruthless rulers accounted as the Undead Rule. However his life changes when Trap Shadow was banished to the Shadoworld. The King of the Shadows at that time demanded that Trap Shadow and Shade were to serve in his palace. However, Shade revealed a unique shapshitfing abaility and aided Trap Shadow in cutting down the king.

Shade allowed Trap Shadow's spirit into his body and fused with Geargrinder, giving a new body to his master. He then infected countless other Autobots including Xax, Corefire, and Ricochet