“Surrender auto-sucm, you’re outnumbered!” “But, you are clearly outmatched!” “We will see”

Entir and the Insecticons surrounding Geargrinder, Honeflash, Ricochet, and Hotshot"


Entir served as Ransack's Military Captain during the Neo age of the War for Cybertron.


During the mid-beginnings of the War for Neo Cybertron, Ransack gave the instructions to trap and separate Geargrinder's Unit from Honeflash's unit. He succeeded but the might of Honeflash, Ricochet, and Xax smash through the Decepticon Blockade.

After failing he sent out the A.R.T Team to meet them on Viper's Pass, but failed in battle.

Entir later confronted the Autobots himself. Just as he was about to lose, Ransack arrived. Ransack noticed him and said only one thing to him; "Failure", and personally executed his captain.