"How do you outrank me?" Cliffjumper to Jazz


FOC Cliffjumper

Cliffjumper serves as a friend and partner to Jazz during the time between the war periods. He has great skills as a warior, scout, and great with cloaking.

FOC Cliffjumper
Name: Cliffjumper (Cliff)
Rank: Infiltrator/Warrior
Species: Cybertronian
Faction: Autobot


Cliffjumper had once aided and defended Omega Surpreme from the Decepticons, while he was injured.

Cliffjumper had also been assigned with Jazz to investigate the Sea of Rust on the look-out to go and find Grimlock and his Dinobot Army. The two of them dive-bombed out from a Dropship telling Sideswipe to stay around in case of a needed pickup. A Rust Storm had picked up which seperated the two of them, along with the cause of Jazz using his Grappling Hook to move to areas Cliff couldn't reach (leading to the mark; "how do you outrank me?" by Cliff).

Cliffjumper had been sucked into an Underground Temple's Ruins, where he encountered a Decepticon Guardian, with abilities to jam his cloaking ability. When he thought it spotted him, it engaged in a defensive mode destroying the ruin he was hiding, except the part where he was.

As the Rust Storm picked up, Jazz ended up being stuck under rubble, with a Guardian closing in. Cliff had found his way there seeing the Guardian finding him. It said there were 2 autobots asking Jazz where was his partner, Jazz responded that he was there touring the area alone, while Cliffjumper ambushed and executed him.

The two later found a hatch with a weak Autobot signal from it, Jazz and Cliff had to blow the hatch off. Cliff was ready to jump down but Jazz suggested that he go. Cliff stated that his name (Cliffjumper) indicates that he was born to do this, but Jazz had jumped while he was talking, where Cliff said; "Hey! That's cheating!"



Cliffjumpers Alt mode (Cybertronian Race Car)


Cliffjumper executing a Decepticon Soldier


Cliffjumper using a X18 Scrapmaker