Bumblebee may be one of the smallest Autobots, but certainly is one of the bravest. He leads as the Autobots head scout and spy.

Bumblebee, while once on a scout mission at Tyger Pax, he was discovered, and was asked by Megatron to tell him what he knows. Bumblebee refused to tell him, and paid the price of having his voice box ripped out.

Later, during the greatest time of the war, when the Autobots began their flee from their homeworld of Cybertron, Bumblebee even began to deny the fact of just abandoning their home planet so easily, but Optimus said that is was their only logical option. But they didn't get away from the Decepticon Forces easily.

As Optimus and Megatron engaged in a flight on the top of the Ark, Bumblebee rushed toward to save Optimus has he was almost blasted to oblivion, but Bumblebee stepped in and made the ultimate sacrifice, he had taken the shot for Optimus, and died.

Name: Bumblebee
Rank: Infiltrator/Scout
Species: Cybertronian
Faction: Autobots